Our mission is to help
science progress.

Our mission is to help science progress.

Dedicated to scientific progress.

Bagamian Scientific Consulting, LLC is committed to improving the scientific process from start to finish. BSC aids in the strategic planning, streamlining, and completion of scientific products.

Bagamian Scientific Consulting specializes in:


  • Virtual focus groups
  • Qualitative research
  • Statistical + spatial analysis
  • Training


  • Grant proposals
  • Journal articles
  • CME
  • Other writing products


  • Strategy 
  • Idea development 
  • Developmental editing 
  • Writing


  • Quantitative Research 
  • Mathematical modeling 
  • Qualitative Research 
  • Mixed Methods

Our Experience

Conducting research is a team effort—it can’t move forward without the right team members and tools. To complicate matters, today’s scientists are expected to fulfill many roles and often don’t have enough time in the day (or week, or month!) to get everything done.

That’s where BSC comes in.

Our firsthand experience with every stage of the research pathway means we can step in and provide the extra support you need. Every project needs a little bit of help sometimes—and we are here to help.


When I was a new assistant professor, Bagamian Scientific Consulting was instrumental in my submission of multiple grant applications and setting up my wet lab. Transitioning to a professorship was a bit overwhelming, and BSC helped make the transition easier. Together, we have worked on grant proposals for both NIH and NSF, and every task I delegated was done timely and with precision. Not only was BSC helpful with the grunt work of pulling together different parts of proposals (e.g., budgets, facilities, CVs) and making sure they adhere to the official guidelines, but also with thinking through the conceptual ideas, methods, and making figures. It was truly a collaborative process. BSC has also been instrumental in helping me set up my wet lab. BSC gave advice on equipment, reagents, protocols, and advised my grad student on various lab and field techniques, such as qRT-PCR and large-scale field enclosures. I will definitely use BSC again!

Associate professor in Disease Ecology and Wildlife Disease
Academic Start-Up service, grant editing, and writing

I research various drivers of emerging infectious diseases, which requires broad knowledge spanning many different disciplines. I have worked with Dr. Bagamian on research design, which always proved highly productive since she has extensive knowledge of areas including ecology, zoology, microbiology and laboratory and field methods. She is one of the few people I have encountered with such a diverse and deep knowledge base. We have also worked in the field together – she has a thorough understanding of the challenges of fieldwork and was always very adaptable and had innovative ideas that helped in problem-solving. We now work together in manuscript preparation; I benefit greatly from her editorial skills and critical eye. In addition, she has expertise in medical geography and has generated some beautiful maps of monthly dengue prevalence by location. She has always been highly professional, providing accurate time frames and very reasonable rates for the quality of her work. I cannot recommend Dr. Bagamian highly enough!

Assistant Professor and Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease Specialist
Research Project Implementation and Manuscript Preparation